Hispanic Heritage 2020

Payne Tech Entertainment rejoices with their Hispanic and Latino family during the 2020 Hispanic Heritage month celebration. The theme for this year is "Be Proud of your Past, Embrace the Future", and their future looks bright....Congratulations family!!

slide presentations

Costa Rica - 10th grader Iola Pierre

Costa Rica - 11th graders Cassandra Anim, Lamonda Lodge


The Breakfast Bunch - "Studying abroad in SPAIN"

11th graders - Marquis Rhoden, Amya Douglas, Gabrielle Jimenez, Sanaa Muhammad, Nyrah Wardlow-Matthews

original songs & poems

"Al Infierno Con Los Hombres" - written by 12th grader Melisa Fernandez

"El Tango de Sophia" The sounds of Argentina - written by 12th grader Maya Stokley

"The Sounds of Brazil" - written and performed by 12th grader Carson Payne

"Brazilian Bossa Nova" - written by 12th grader Daniel Lefleur

"The Sound of Mexico" - written and performed by 12th grader Romelina Guzman


Honduras - 11th grader Amanda Paulino

Dances of Honduras - 12th grader Jadiya Bennett

Ecuador - 10th grader Justin Inahuazo

Dance of Mexico - 10th grader Timmi Chris Pernell

El Salvador - 10th grader Joselyn Inahuazo-Melendez

Guatamalan Traditional Mayan Dance - 12th grader Kezia Fong

speeches & celebrations

Costa Rica - 9th grader Brianna Barnett

Hispanic Heritage - 11th grader Hadiya Robinson

Guatemala - 9th grader Yadira Marshall

Honduras - 9th grader Jaelyn Santiago

Chile - 10th grader Miguel Concepcion

Nicaragua - 9th grader Dezire Haywood

El Salvador - 9th grader Amare Clarke